After the death of the two partners attorney Wilhelm Scheffen in 1981 accepted attorney Dr. Manfred Brüning as a partner.  The latter was member of the board of the Lawyer Association Cologne for 13 years and very much engaged in the EDV upgrading of all German attorneys. He took over as chairman of the board from attorney Wilhelm Scheffen  of a  non-profit foundation under Liechtenstein law.

The attorneys Wilhelm Scheffen and Dr. Mandfred Brüning accepted in 1998  Diplom-computer scientist, Dr. jur. Marcus Werner as a partner. Attorney Dr. Marcus Werner continues the commitment of the law office to the Lawyers' Association Cologne.

On the initiative of attorney Dr. Marcus Werner the law office introduced a quality management system that has been certified according to  DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 in May 1999.